Deadpool and R-Rated Superheroes

This past weekend while in Kingston, I went to see Deadpool with a few family members. It was a movie that I was looking forward to, despite not specifically being a fan of Deadpool. Going into the movie, I knew very little about the character, but the advertising campaign has been amazing and drew me into the movie.

My wife, who is not a fan of R-rated movies, went with me, and while she did have to spend almost half of the movie with her face covered, she seemed to have enjoyed herself, enough so that she is willing to go with me to see it again. I should also note that the couple sitting next to us, that appeared to be in their sixties or seventies, did not seem to enjoy the movie, and left the theatre, at the end, with a scowl on both of their faces.

While I thought some of the humour and violence was a bit over the top, I also enjoyed myself. The freedom the writers had to push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from Marvel was really interesting and felt fresh and new compared to what we’ve seen in the past. The movie was by no means perfect, there were sub-plots I didn’t care about, and sometimes the movie was just vulgar to be vulgar, but Ryan Reynolds did an amazing job. There were many jokes that were references that I was able to catch, and some were so blatant that everyone in the theatre laughed.

Overall, I’d say that Deadpool is not a movie you bring your grandma or kids to, but if you are an adult and like superhero movies, you should watch it while in theatres!

Side note: It isn’t in 3D, which makes me extra happy. Boo 3D!

As for future R-rated superhero movies, we know the next Deadpool will be, and it sounds like the next Wolverine will be as well. While I’m all for the studio using a restricted rating on franchises that make sense for it, I hope they don’t go too crazy, as they’ve done in the past by trying to shoehorn everything into the PG rating options…

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