Second Class Supers on Sale in the USA

We have run a limited price promotion for Second Class Supers on the US Amazon website. Instead of its regular $8.50 USD price point, it is currently $7.22 USD $4.99 USD (thanks for the note Brian) for the ebook version. I am hoping that a few people will take advantage of this offer as next week, it goes back to its regular price.

At this point, we are wrapping up most of our promotion for Second Class Supers, and those that want to read it will hopefully discover it. Annie and I are now focused on our second collaboration book project: Goodbye Sol. We are posting the first draft on Annie’s blog as we write it, and we are already above 16,000 words.

We are also setting up a website to track our projects called Peralty Publishing, but we are in the early stages of that as well.

So if you live in the USA, and want to get the Second Class Supers ebook at a lower price, now is the time!

4 responses to “Second Class Supers on Sale in the USA”

  1. Actually, for the next 5 days it’s $4.99 for the next 5 days on the Kindle. I just grabbed a copy to read on my next flight. Wish it was on audible! Hey I have a friend who narrates professionally if you need a contact!

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