Free Basecamp Alternative: Freedcamp

While I’m not a huge fan of Basecamp’s simplistic to-do lists for managing projects, I do know that I need something to help me organize tasks, and when starting at Fortrus Financial, I looked at free options available and stumbled upon Freedcamp.

I have been using Freedcamp for a month now and find it to be better than Basecamp ever was. It looks much nicer by default and is simple to use. It also allows me to do Kanban style boards as well as to-do lists or switch back and forth between the two views.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 14.51.44

Even the status lists are better as they allow me to have an in progress status, as well as assigning multiple people the responsibility of a task. It has a drag-and-drop interface for priorities, which is very helpful when working with others.

Screenshot 2016-02-03 14.47.12

I can filter by status, as well as search by keyword. I can sort by due date or by the assignee. I can hide completed tasks as well to keep things looking clean.

Did I mention you can have sub-tasks? So handy!

If you are using Basecamp to manage your projects and are looking for an alternative, check out Freedcamp. It is working really well for me and has addressed many concerns I had with working from Basecamp.

2 responses to “Free Basecamp Alternative: Freedcamp”

  1. I guess my question is; what’s the business model? What data of mine is being collected, resold, or “rented”? Free isn’t really sustainable, long term.

    • Looks like limited storage (only 200mb with Free account level), big business features (time tracking, invoicing, wiki, issue tracker and crm) are paid features and integration with third party services (google drive) are paid as well. So they are looking to upsell beyond the free account needs.

      For me, I think only the storage size component is something I may come across at some point. 1GB of storage is $2.50 USD a month. So they are definitely not “FREE” everywhere. The base product is free, and there are paid upgrades for things that many places would need or want.

      My previous employer probably wouldn’t save any money on Freedcamp, but they would have a much better user experience than what they have with Basecamp.

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