Goodbye Sol – Over 10,000 Words Already Available

So the first draft of Goodbye Sol is being posted as we write it on my wife’s blog. So check out the Goodbye Sol category on if you are interested in Goodbye Sol. We are trying to post each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the story is done. We have written over 10,000 words so far as we try to keep each post around 1200 words.

The story is evolving nicely, and while it isn’t the most action packed story, the character interactions are interesting and we are just getting into the meat of the plot.

We are hoping to turn this into our second novel. The goal right now is to get it to around 50,000-75,000 words and then send it off to an editor to do a full read through on and help us refine our manuscript. Then we will take it and do a second draft based on the feedback we get. Once our second draft is done, we will get someone to do a proofread and line-edit on the draft, and then finally get it published. It likely won’t be a bound and published final book until the end of 2016, or early 2017 as we are limited in our financial resources. So if you aren’t interested in reading it as we post it… you have a long wait ahead of you before it is in eBook or physical book forms.

As a fun aside, I should note that I have already started the process of getting a cover designed for Goodbye Sol as I find it really inspirational to work with an artist. I’ll have more details on it in a few weeks.

I hope you’ll all check out Goodbye Sol and let us know your thoughts.

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