Full House for Christmas in Kingston

Annie and I came to Kingston on Monday to be able to celebrate Christmas with my family. When planning, it looked as though we might have to get a hotel room, as the two houses in Kingston were already full. My Grandma and Mom having my brother, his wife and two children over, and my aunt having her three children, with her eldest’s girlfriend at her place. My Aunt Nancy ended up sacrificing her bed, sharing with her daughter, so that Annie and I have a spot to sleep.

It is nice that everyone is able to get together for Christmas this year. My brother came from out East to visit, and my cousin is leaving Kingston early in the new year for a new job.

I was concerned that with so many people, it would feel crowded or uncomfortable, but my aunt has been working, so has my eldest cousin. My other two cousins seem to be content to sleep more than half the day away, so the house has been pretty much left to Annie and me. I expect that to feel a bit different on Christmas day though as we all get up early to open presents and celebrate together.

Living in Canada, I expect snow for Christmas, but this year likely won’t deliver. Thankfully, presents stacked around the tree and a huge collection of fake snowmen spread everywhere make it feel a bit more festive.

I am looking forward to spending some time together with my family over the next few days before returning to Guelph and then celebrating Christmas with Annie’s family. After which, I’m sure I’ll need a few days to recharge my introvert before interacting with the world again.

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope it is safe and joy filled.

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