Second Class Supers is Complete

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It is almost done! I say that because we are still working on fulfilling the Kickstarter backer rewards, but the book itself is done! I still need to finish the hardcover version and get it printed and sent out to backers.

You can purchase the eBook on, and the softcover on I am hopeful that will list the softcover as well soon. We ordered 50 copies of the book to fulfill the Kickstarter backers and have a few copies to sell locally, and those few extra copies are all already spoken for. I’ve ordered another batch to sell directly, and those twenty will be here in a few weeks.

It has been quite a process to get to this point, and there were so many stumbling blocks and hurdles to get here. I always thought that the act of writing a book would be difficult, but there are so many other parts to the process that can be even more time consuming.

When Annie and I started Second Class Supers, we were dating. I have moved three times since then, and we’ve been engaged and married. We went on our honeymoon to Florida, and visited family out west in BC. People we love got sick, some passed away, and others were born. Our lives have changed completely since coming up with the concept of the book, and through it all, we continued to slowly push it forward, knowing that we wanted to publish a book together.

We had a great cover designer come up with the art for the cover. Annie took the brunt of the editing work for the second draft. I created a simple website in hopes of using it as a marketing vehicle for our book. We engaged proofreaders to review the manuscript. Thanks to the Canadian government, I was able to request some ISBN numbers. I found someone to typeset the book for e-reader formats and the trade paperback printed size. And finally, using Createspace, we had the book printed.

We realized that this is one of our hobbies, and not something we expect to make money from. The excitement that others want to support the work we did is exhilarating. I can’t speak for Annie, but I feel electrified that friends and family have been clamoring to get their own copy of our book.

I am so excited to begin writing my next collaboration with my wife, and hope we can continue to publish a new book every year or two going forward, depending on how much life gets in the way.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us, wants to support us and continues to help spread the word about our book!

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