Goals for 2014

Here is my post for 2013, and as you may or may not know, I didn’t complete all of my goals, but I did better than I thought when I wrote them. I continued to review them through the year, and it seemed to help make a difference in my life.

This year, I have a few tiny goals: lose weight, get married, pay down debts, pay whatever I owe the government, go on a honeymoon, edit Second Class Supers, and increase my income.

Of course, I’d also like to write another one hundred blog posts on this blog, and continue to find more avenues to write and be creative. I’d especially like to write in a way that increases my income this year. I am not sure if that is writing for other blogs, building my own and trying to monetize it or what, but I’d really like to bring in grocery money each month by the end of 2014 through my writing.

As for losing weight, I didn’t do a good job in 2013, and I know I have to do better in 2014. Instead of going down as I intended, I floundered about and during the Christmas season, I definitely went up. I really want to get to 260 pounds. I think, at that weight, I would be able to fit into size 40 pants, and an XL shirt. Ideally, I’d like to get to a 38 pants, so I could buy clothing from any store, but small goals can sometimes be the easiest to achieve and maintain.

In April, Annie and I will be married. Currently, I’m concerned about our finance for the wedding. We are far behind where we need to be. I would hate to have to downsize our guest list, but that is a possibility that Annie and I may have to discuss in the coming weeks.

My credit card is still sitting with a much higher amount on it than I’d like. I made some financial mistakes that have continued to haunt me. While they are going to get taken care of at some point, saving up for a wedding definitely slowed my progress on paying it down. I hope to make a bigger dent on my credit card this year and pay off at least one half of what I have owing on it.

In July, Annie and I are planning on having a honeymoon. It will be a trip to Florida where we will go to Universal Studios while staying in the condo that Annie’s mom owns. I am hoping to have my driver’s license again before this point so that I can help with going from Ontario to Florida and back in Annie’s car.

The first draft of Second Class Supers is done. We are slowly working on the editing process for the second draft. I am hoping Annie and I can find a way to kick it into high gear so we can complete the second draft before our wedding. I’d like to see this book in print, in my hands before the end of 2014.

This upcoming year is going to be a big one, with lots going on, and with money tight, I’m trying not to be too stressed out. Here’s hoping 2014 works out well for everyone! Thanks again to all my readers. I really appreciate your support.

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