Bronchitis: The Plague

So, I’m still not fully healed, but I spent nearly three weeks fighting a rough bout of bronchitis. I had to take some time off work, and I was pretty much useless otherwise as well. I am glad that things got better without antibiotics, and that it didn’t become pneumonia. The endless coughing, the fits late at night, and the feeling of bruising in my chest were not fun. The phlegm, headache and exhaustion were also fairly brutal.

Unfortunately, Annie now has something quite similar. Thankfully, having gone through it myself, I know the things that helped, but she is less inclined to take medication than I. I am hoping because of her otherwise wonderful immune system that she’ll bounce back faster than I did, and while very uncomfortable, she doesn’t seem to be as phlegmy as I was.

Hopefully, this was our one big cold of the winter season, and we will spend the rest of the winter being nice and healthy.

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