Weight Watchers Day Six Food

On Monday, Annie stayed home from work because she hurt her foot pretty bad. This meant that I was cooking for two. After making breakfast, Annie let me know that it should really be brunch and that other than a snack, she wouldn’t have anything more until supper. I ended up doing pretty much the same thing, but I still ate 40 Points Plus points with 21 remaining. I didn’t earn any new activity points today.

4 Points – Bacon
8 Points – Eggs
5 Points – Coke
4 Points – Cranberry Juice
1 Point – Mooza Cheese String

11 Points – Spaghetti
7 Points – Chocolate Milk
0 Points – Banana

Thankfully, there were tons of veggies in the spaghetti because that’s the way I like it, but I really still should have eaten more fruit and veggies. It can be hard to fit them all in a day, especially the day before a grocery day. I went out to the butcher to buy some veggies for the spaghetti and picked up some bananas that they had to help hold me over.

For those that are curious, MyFitnessPal said that I consumed 1784 calories out of 2400. This was definitely one of the days with the biggest gaps that I’ve had since starting. While I did go to bed a little hungry, I didn’t feel too bad this morning getting up. Tonight is Weight Watchers, and I’ll be weighing in. You’ll all get to find out tomorrow how I ended up doing in my first week.

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