Weight Watchers Day Five Food

Sunday was supposed to be an easy day, but with a Nascar race on, I was planning on going to visit with some of Annie’s family and watch it. This meant having chili for lunch, with bread, and there was lots of chips and dip around, but I didn’t have any. All of the chips were full salt, original flavour, which isn’t my favourite. I’ve learned that if I want junk food, then it has to be my favourite.

Over the course of the day, I used 47 points, with 14 remaining. I could have eaten more, but by the evening, all I wanted was carbs, and I had already used three times more than I try to budget. I knew I should have had more protein in the evening, but I didn’t have any low fat or low calorie sources of it that I wanted. Out of the 2400 calories that I budget for myself, I went to bed with 145 calories left according to MyFitnessPal.

I also earned a further five points from walking, bringing me up to 13 activity points earned this week.

5 Points – Coke (Can)
7 Points – Peaches and Cream Instant Oatmeal

5 Points – Coke (Can)
8 Points – White Bread
12 Points – Chili

3 Points – Pepperoni Stick
3 Points – Mooza Cheese String
4 Points – Cranberry Cocktail
0 Points – Green Apple

I really should have had more fruit and veggies, but they weren’t easily accessible. I am hoping to do better in the coming days at making sure I get at least three or four servings per day. While they are free on WeightWatchers, they are still tracked as calories and carbohydrates on MyFitnessPal. I just have to keep trying to make good choices.

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