Weight Watchers Day One Food

So yesterday was my first full day of tracking. As you might have read previously, I have 61 points per day that I can use. I am supposed to use all of these, every – single – day. Yesterday, I consumed 36 points worth of food leaving me with 25 points that I didn’t eat. On top of that, I added 5 points to my activity points area. Yup, I went for a walk and earned more points which I’m supposed to probably use up before my next weigh in on Tuesday.

8 Points – Scrambled Eggs
4 Points – Bacon (3 Slices)
5 Points – Coke (Can)

5 Points – Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
0 Points – 2 Medium Green Apples
2 Points – Activa Yoghurt (2 servings)
3 Points – Mooza Cheese Twists (2 servings)

0 Points – Asparagus Cooked
1 Point – Margarine
6 Points – Meatballs
2 Points – Diana Sauce
0 Points – Baby Carrots (1 Cup)

Total: 36 Points

I also drank a 1.5L bottle of water, plus a glass of tap water, and went for 40 minutes of walking throughout the day.

Do I feel better? Not yet. The first day is always the easiest. Cravings are low, and willpower is high.

One of the simple changes I’ve made is that because I live above a convenience store, it is less than ninety seconds to get a chocolate bar. I’ve decided that I need to walk around the block any time I want to go to that store. My hope is that willpower will kick in, and I’ll either skip it, or I’ll be at least adding a few minutes of walking into my day to help counter anything I purchase from there that isn’t healthy.

Annie’s sister, who recently reached lifetime (meaning she made it to her sustainable goal weight), posts food diaries fairly consistently. While I won’t make the assumption that I’ll do the same, from time to time, it would be nice to keep track of things publicly, especially if/when I lose weight.

I want to thank Annie for being so supportive about all of this. It was really frustrating looking at some engagement photos last night with her, and seeing my belly hanging out. It made me super self-conscious and really down. I don’t want to look that way. Wish me luck!

4 responses to “Weight Watchers Day One Food”

  1. You can do it David, you and Annie together, and good idea about walking instead of going to the store… change the goal, change the habit πŸ™‚

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