Family Meetup

Annie and I recently hosted a meeting between our families at the Presqu’ile provincial park. I rented a large shelter for us to use that can seat as many as sixty to eighty people. For the thirty people that showed up, it was more than sufficient. We had a whole set of tables for food, and the rest for people to socialize.

I was worried about getting the two families together, but it worked out really well. I asked people to start showing up at eleven but it wasn’t until nearly noon that people started rolling in. I was a bit nervous as we arrived at quarter to eleven, and I figured people might be a little late, but some didn’t arrive until two in the afternoon, which was when I thought we might be starting to wrap up so that the little children could get home (over a two hour drive) and start getting ready for bed.

A huge thanks goes to Annie’s friend, Sarah, who was great about greeting people and helping unload food. Annie was also awesome at introducing her family to my own. I was able to take lots of pictures, talk to a few people, and organized a quick excursion to the small lighthouse on site.

Steph, one of Annie’s nieces, also grabbed my camera here and there through the day to take pictures. Adding Mark’s pictures to the mix and we got a good coverage of the day’s activities.

There were a few people that were missed at the event, but I hope to see them at the wedding, if not before.

Everyone started leaving around four o’clock, after a quick thank you speech from me and a picture by Annie of the attendants. I hope everyone had a great time. There was a ton of food, laughs, and lots of space.

I highly recommend Presqu’ile park for those looking to hold such an event.

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