Gravity Forms Australia?

With a tweet last night on Twitter, it looks like rocketgenius might be looking to hire a part time support tech for Gravity Forms. Carl posted the following:

What does this mean? Well, Gravity Forms is doing well, and we need more people helping with support because there are more sales. Having someone available on the other side of the planet will mean that we can continue to be there for users at all times of day or night helping with support issues.

While I doubt Carl will extend our official support hours, it will mean that we will be able to offer high quality, fast responses for people not living in the Americas, where most of our support team currently resides.

With all of the summer vacations now over, I’ll be able to return to my work at refreshing the documentation. I’ve been receiving great feedback from users through various channels and I’m looking forward to getting it all transitioned over. One thing we’ve decided to do is write it all in markdown format, which will allow the easy export and formatting of PDF’s and e-books for those that want to have a copy of our documentation on the go. I’ve also had a realization that the work that I’ll do will basically compile the first real user guide or book relating to Gravity Forms and that’s exciting!

Here’s hoping Gravity Forms continues to grow and be successful for a long time as I work with some of the most amazing group of people in the industry.

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