Introvert Time

One of the things that I really love about my fiancée is that she allows me something I call “introvert time”. A few hours to a full day where I get to just be by myself. It doesn’t mean we don’t talk, or that I spend the entire time sitting alone in a dark room, but sometimes I just need some space to reflect, recharge and be ready to interact with people for extended periods of time.

After a busy weekend, I’m spending today doing that. It allows me time to be creative and write, focus primarily on my own needs, and take some time for reflection. Annie and I still text, and even talk on the phone, but social time is limited during my introvert time.

On average, I only need one full day’s worth each month to keep myself feeling the optimum amount of comfort. With such a large family, it is fairly rare that I get an evening to unwind, but I think it is important to make time so that I’m not stressed or exhausted when interacting with family and friends. I also find that having a day just to focus on my own needs allows me a better week of work, where I’m able to be more productive. Of course, it also helps me feel more grateful for being around people once its over, and I’m back to hosting Who nights, or eating dinner at various people’s houses (thanks all!).

This is just one of the many strategies that have helped me have a balanced and happy life. What are yours? I’m always looking for tips and tricks.

2 responses to “Introvert Time”

  1. Playing guitar, working in the wood shop, or riding with no particular destination in mind. I only recently learned it was an introvert trait and how important it is to replenish the energy you expend in a large group.

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