Got Something Right – BBM

So, just under a year ago, I said that the thing that RIM (now known as Blackberry) need to do is get their BBM service/application on other devices, and apparently, that’s going to happen.

Here is my original post: Idea to Help Save RIM

Blackberry Messenger is a service that I think they need to port to other devices. BBM is like text messaging without the worry about fees or a texting plan, and many people that I know who own RIM’s devices due to work needs aren’t interested in using normal texting or e-mail for quick day to day conversation. I believe that increasing their install base by expanding their platform beyond just their own devices could serve to benefit the company and its brand.

From AllThingsD:

Come summer, BlackBerry will release BBM as a standalone app. Initially, it will be targeted at Apple’s iOS 6 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and above, and will provide a basic feature set. But CEO Thorsten Heins says the company intends to flesh it out further in the months that follow.

I love when I get things right sometimes… I look forward to seeing how it ends up working out, and I am excited at the idea of being able to easily message my friends still rocking Blackberry phones.

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