Christmas Presents

I am not a Grinch of any sort, but I dislike giving or receiving presents. It makes me really uncomfortable, and Sheldon Cooper said it best.

Start at the one minute mark to hear his rant on the whole thing:

The commercialism of Christmas has always been difficult for me, especially during times I haven’t had much money, or I’ve watched other people in my family struggle when they don’t have much money.

I know it shouldn’t be about how much you spend on presents, but it feels imbalanced when you have one side able to get more lavish gifts than the other. You also want to make sure you get something that people need or what, and that can sometimes be an expensive proposition in this ever more technologically focused world.

I am mostly keeping my gifts simple this year. Nothing lavish, nothing crazy, and I am hopeful that people don’t get me anything too big, at least until I sort out where I’m going to be living for a while.

Christmas should be about spending time with family and friends. I am fortunate enough that I get to do a great deal of this this winter, and that’s really the best gift anyone can give me.

If you want to spoil me rotten, contact me here and there throughout the year, let me know about your life, and be interested in what is happening in mine. That would mean more to me than you know.

2 responses to “Christmas Presents”

  1. I agree with your comments…hope you enjoy spending Christmas with family and friends. Wishing you all the best in the new year, wherever the road may take you.
    Have an awesome holiday…. Merry Christmas from our whole family (they do often ask me how you are doing!)

    • I think about you all often too. When I saw the ad come up for the Content Developer position, I have to say that I was a little tempted to apply… lol. I miss my Walkerton family.

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