Ravenclaw in the Shop

I was hoping to bring my newish MacBook Pro into an Apple store after returning from Virginia, but I arrived back late due to a delay, and then when I checked in at the Bayshore location, they told me that their support staff were too busy to take a look at it that day, and so I came back to Kingston with a machine that was still making a strange noise (read about that here: Ravenclaw Clicking).

Not knowing when I would be back to Ottawa, nor how long the hard drive would continue to work, I searched on Apple’s website on what my options were. This lead to me finding an authorized reseller in Kingston. I contacted Jump+ in Kingston and asked them if they can work on my machine under warranty, and they said they could.

I dropped it off yesterday evening, and was told it should be covered and be back in hand by this Friday. Unfortunately, today I was told that they’ll have to order a replacement drive, and it won’t be ready for me to use again until Monday or Tuesday. I also won’t have my data or programs on the machine, and so I’ll have to re-install various things to get set back up.

I’m just glad the tech person at Jump+ heard my issue, agreed with me on the diagnosis and is willing to resolve it for me. It probably won’t be any charge either, which has me jumping for joy.

Until then, I’m stuck doing work from other people’s computers and my phone. Thank goodness my cousins are geeky and require technology in their lives.

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