Ravenclaw Clicking

So last night, my MacBook Pro started making a scary sounding noise. I did some searching around, and people were blaming all sorts of components. I slowly tried to isolate each one to see what the problem could be.

Some people said that it was the fan, so I found an application to let me control the fan speed, but it had no effect on the noise.

Another said that it was the superdrive, so I disabled that without any effect on the strange noise.

Yet another said it was the hard drive. I listened intently, and slowly tried to pinpoint where exactly the noise was coming from. Then I went online and looked for a teardown of the exact model I have, and sure enough, the noise is coming from where the hard drive sits.

I am definitely gutted over the issue. I had no luck with my previous Apple computer, and am super worried about having a similar experience with this one, despite its potentially stronger and better unibody construction.

Immediately contacting Apple’s technical support, I was told to check my warranty status, and make an appointment to bring in the machine. I still have lots of coverage, so I’m hoping that they fix it without any extra cost.

Of course, being in Kingston, I don’t have easy access to an Apple store. It will likely have to wait until I’m back from my trip to the states for my work’s Christmas party.

Hopefully, the process of getting it resolved is easy, and that it doesn’t die in the meantime, as I need it to survive at least one more week…


3 Replies to “Ravenclaw Clicking”

  1. What was that you were saying about your last apple? There is an apple store in Bayshore so when you are here next weekend we can drop it off.

    1. I had a MacBook Pro back a few years ago, and it was a lemon. I replaced parts on it because Apple wouldn’t, and it never performed as well as I had hoped. So when it came time to buy a new machine, it was very hard for me to go Apple again.

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