I Have a Girlfriend

So, Annie and I were talking on Skype, like we have a few times a week, every week since Fan Expo over forty days ago, and we were joking around, like we normally do. After some shy flirtations, the discussion of our relationship status came up. One of her close friends added me on Facebook as a friend, and I said it would save me a great deal of time if I could just call her my girlfriend instead of “that girl I met at speed dating at Fan Expo”.

It was determined (she decided) that I had to actually ask her for our relationship status to move from friends to being in an actual relationship with labels, and that I couldn’t just assume. And so, after shyly avoiding it, I sheepishly ended up asking, and she approved.

So while it won’t be “Facebook official” (inside joke) until after I’ve gone through the Thanksgiving gauntlet of meeting her entire family and more of her friends, Annie and I are officially dating as boyfriend and girlfriend.

It seems weird for me to say, as a near thirty year old man, but at the same time, I guess it says a great deal about how well things are going for the two of us, but it isn’t anything like riding a bike… I realized the last time I asked a woman to be my girlfriend was my last year of college, over ten years ago. As I get older, the titles mean more, not less, and have almost a strange value to them that they never had when I was younger.

Who knows how things will work out going forward, but this is definitely exciting for me, and since Annie let me know that she has told her close family and friends, I figured it was safe to post it on here as well. So yeah… I have a girlfriend and she likes Doctor Who and other geeky things.

Oh, and side note, it has been determined that I would be a Ravenclaw.

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