New Phone Purchased

I am now the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3. For those of you that follow this blog, you’ll know that this decision has weighed heavily on me. This afternoon, I walked into Bell at the Rideau Shopping Centre, and was helped by a really nice guy that set me up with the phone.

It was painless, quick, and best of all, less than $50. The phone was free on a three year contract, they didn’t make me pay out the last ten months of my contract, and so I only had to pay an activation fee. I bought a thin case to help give it a bit of extra protection without being too grippy that it sticks to the pocket of my pants.

Hopefully, I will have good luck with this phone, and with all the bad luck I’ve had recently, I am hoping things will be different.

I am amazed with how this device performs, and it was super quick to set-up, as I was already accustomed to some of the things an Android phone does. It does feel a bit big in the hands, in terms of width and height, but its thickness seems a bit too thin.

We will see over the coming weeks and months how I adapt to it, what I need to customize, and how it integrates into my life. The battery life is said to be better than my old phone, and we will see if that holds true. People complain about the screen brightness, but one of the first things I did was lower the brightness almost all the way.

Getting a new gadget can be one of the best feelings, especially once you’ve figured it out and customized it. Wish me luck with my new phone, and a big thanks to Bell for being so easy to work with on this upgrade.

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