Cell Phone Update

I still haven’t purchased a new phone yet. I am hoping to go in this Friday to discuss things. I still haven’t settled on a purchase yet, and I hope that flexibility will stand me in good stead as I interact with the various companies available to purchase the service from.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is free from Best Buy on a three year contract, so I am hopeful that Bell themselves might be willing to match that price. If so, that could mean a great deal to my already strained bank account.

I still feel like I would enjoy the HTC ONE X a bit more, but since it is a Rogers exclusive phone, I won’t be getting that device unless the staff at the Rideau Bell location are jerks to me.

As for the iPhone 5, my assumptions about the device production being limited were correct, and many people are looking at not receiving the device until the middle of October. Not that it changes the overall high price of the device that puts it outside what I would like to pay right now.

I have continued to watch comparisons of different devices available and continue to be unhappy with any of my potential choices. You would think there would be one device that would really be appealing to me in the marketplace, but I must just be too picky.

As soon as I’m set-up on my new phone, I’ll be trying to contact people to get their details on my new device so that I can communicate with the world again.

I have found that not having a smartphone in hand has made things feel very strange. I am used to the constant input/output of information, even when I’m in front of my desktop computer, I looked to my cell phone for a quick overview of what was going on in terms of e-mail, schedule, Twitter and more.

I have always been one to have a high amount of data coming in and so being forced to disconnect like this, is probably a nice break and will go a long way to increasing my enjoyment with whatever device I end up with.

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