Quick Weight Loss Update

So, I am out of the 280’s in terms of my weight. I’ve been fluctuating all over the 270’s for the last month or so, getting as low as 273 pounds at one point. I am a bit higher than that today, but I’m doing well. My hope is that by the end of October that I’ll be out of the 270’s, and as such, I’ll have reached my main goal.

I am already able to fit back into XL shirts, and I almost need to get yet another belt if I want to keep my larger pants on my smaller waist. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve lost over thirty pounds since starting this, but I never really felt like I was as overweight as I was.

Once I reach my weight loss goal, I am hoping to start trying to find ways to add a little extra muscle to my build, and do some toning. I’ve continued to do a great deal of research in the subject of weight loss, fitness, and whatnot, and while I am losing weight, I am not getting more fit, and that is something I would like to change.

I had a long talk to my mom recently about starting to count calories as well, as I feel like it will help her with the weight she would like to lose.

At the end of the day, I think everyone that understands the human body can agree that weight loss is more or less a math equation that can be sabotaged by hormones.

Your body works by calories in versus calories used. Your brain and hormones screw with you, as they have done since humanity lived on the Savannah. The idea though is to just have enough will power to make sure you don’t go over your daily quota. If you can do that, then you can eat anything.

I was telling my mom that I’ve had a few days where I screwed up, ate too much super calorie dense foods, and was like “oh well, that’s it for the day…”

Weight loss isn’t fun, nor is it easy, and it is definitely not fast, but it is rewarding, and I just keep trying to focus on that, despite having days where I slip and make mistakes.

Here is hoping that by my birthday in the middle of November that I’m down to 265 pounds from my current 277 pounds.

Just a quick reminder for all those reading this post, I started at 310 pounds back in June 2012.

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