Camping with Friends

Recently, I went on a weekend camping trip with my cousin Mark and his friends. There were six of us that went in one small car, and one motorcycle. It was definitely packed to the max, but it was a great time. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed any camp fires due to how dry it has been, but the weather wasn’t too bad, and the water was nice, so we didn’t miss the camp fires too much.

I didn’t bring any technology with me, and despite feeling a bit disconnected from the larger world, it was nice to shut it all off and just focus on what I was doing. I didn’t take any pictures, connect to the Internet or anything. For those that are like “what would you do if an emergency happened?” Well, pretty much everyone else had their phones and near the end of the trip, they were running the car and sucking power from one of those A/C adapter things to recharge their devices.

I relaxed on the water, floating around and got a nice tan on my arms. I played some Frisbee catch with AJ and actually became reasonably decent at it after watching how he threw for an hour. I drank a fair bit, ate poorly, and slept in a huge tent.

Overall, it was a fun excursion. There were more than a few funny moments, but we decided that what happened on the camping trip will never be discussed with people that didn’t go… There were scenes right out of the Hangover movies.

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