Tom – My Older “Brother”

Tom, my neighbor and friend has been blogging quite a bit this week, and I wanted to take a second to do two things: promote his great articles, and talk about my relationship with him.

So first, go and check out his blog: This week, he has posted a great idea on what should be standard in every cell phone, an article about making time for the things that keep you from rage quitting everything, and the music that helped shape who he is that all came out before the millennium.

Since before moving to Ottawa, my relationship with Tom has been one of a friend and a colleague. I met him at a blogger meetup over half a dozen years ago. We share many of the same interests, and he seems to understand me and my quirks quite well.

He has saved the day numerous times, including lending me a socket wrench today so I didn’t break my wrist building a futon couch. He is quick to give suggestions, always invites me to his activities, and makes time for conversation. Tom, is really the older brother that I never had.

I moved around a great deal in my life, and have had issues keeping friendships going for a period longer than a few years. I have close friends that I can drop off the map and we can pick up where I left off, but this is only the second time I’ve had a close, constant friendship in my life. Tom is definitely one of a kind, and I’m glad I met him.

*End embarrassing love-fest* but you really should go read his blog posts!

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