Big John’s Beef Jerky

I really like beef jerky. I know it isn’t always the best food, but to me, it ranks up there with bacon for taste. If you get a good piece, you can taste the smoke and meat, and it is amazing.

I have had issues with jerky in the past, and have been hesitant to buy any more because it is expensive and it can be a roll of the dice to get a good bag, even from the same manufacturer.

I’ve ordered from Big John’s Beef Jerky twice now, and have been super satisfied both times. I gave a bag of jerky to Tom and he ate it so quickly, the salt almost turned his blood to syrup, and he drinks a fair bit of water each day.

Currently, I have a third order in, which I’m hoping to receive before going on a trip with my cousin, and friends, so that I can share some with them. I have a feeling that I could easily market this jerky because I’m so passionate about it, but that’s what happens when you find a decently priced, high quality product, right? You tell everyone you know, and so that’s why I am writing this blog post. It’s just the manly version of say when your wife can’t stop telling her girlfriends about the best food processor she’s been using.

There are a few things I miss from my days as a child in Masset, B.C. and one of them is jerky (the other is really well done smoked salmon). But now, I don’t really have to worry any more.

I have tried their original recipe, their low sodium, and their teriyaki and like the low sodium the best with their original coming up a close second. I am not a fan of the teriyaki, but there is nothing wrong with it, just personal preference. They have other flavours too, but I think I’ll stick to what I know and love. While their prices are reasonable, it is an expensive pound of meat to be experimenting with.

If you like beef jerky, you owe it to yourself to try Big John’s, and if you know me, ask me to bring some with me next time we hang out, and I’ll share what I have left… if I haven’t eaten it all already.

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