Eating Healthy Isn’t Always Fun

This is a quick update on: Counting Calories.

So, I’ve been sticking to my calorie goals fairly well, but my carb and veggie goals aren’t going so well. I can’t bring myself to eat enough veggies each day, and they go bad so quickly. Also, carbs are in everything that I like, even vegetables. I am trying to be cautious and not limit or restrict myself too much for fear of this turning into a diet that I hate and won’t continue to follow through with.

I have decided though that I’m going to eat my favourites of things or the best of things that are bad for me. Instead of buying a two litre bottle of coke, I bought a six pack of glass bottles. Each bottle is only 237ml, but it is the best tasting Coca-cola that money can buy, and it isn’t cheap. I have also been eating a crazy amount of beef jerky. I ordered some online from Big John’s, and it is amazing. I could just eat beef jerky the rest of my life. I am probably going to put in another order soon as I’m slowly devouring my second one pound bag of the stuff. For those in the know, beef jerky is usually sold in packets of around 60 – 120 grams for five dollars or more. I bought two pounds or 900 grams of the stuff for around thirty dollars shipped to my door.

The hardest thing to deal with is the cravings. I sometimes want to grab a bag of chips, but I know what will happen if I buy some. I will be weak willed, buy a big bag thinking that I can pace myself, and end up scarfing down the entire thing. I have been very good about keeping under my calorie goal, and that would blow it away in one sitting if I gave in. I’m also having that issue with drinks, but I really like Dasani water (another expense) and can limit myself to one flavoured drink per day quite easily.

I walked around the Rideau mall the other day, and the smell of Cinnabon hit my nose, and this…

Don’t worry, I resisted…

I’m waiting to get new batteries for my scale so I can see if I’ve lost weight since I last weighed in when it was working (I was 307lbs). When they arrive, I’m hoping to see at least a pound or two of loss. I know weight can vary by day, but I just need anything to tell me I’m going in the right direction, despite only working on my calorie counting for only two weeks.

One response to “Eating Healthy Isn’t Always Fun”

  1. Healthy eating definitely takes work but I believe once you get used to it it gets easier (at least I hope so).
    Kudos to you for all your hard work and restraint!
    Love you!

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