TeeFury – Finally an Inexpensive Geek Tees Shop

I am a huge fan of geek related t-shirts, I want to print my logo on everything and I’ve been price gouged far too often on them. Printed t-shirts at various retailers are usually between $10 and $20, but I’ve spent as much as $40 for some of my shirts because I felt as though they were branded with a message that I enjoyed.

On a recent trip to do an interview in Ottawa, a friend of mine, Tom was wearing a shirt that made me laugh and he mentioned TeeFury, a site that sells one shirt a day, in the same vein as Woot. (Remember Woot?)

I went to the site the past few days, and haven’t seen anything that really suited me, until yesterday where they were selling a Dune shirt that I really liked. For less than $15 USD, I was able to order it, and it should be here in a month or two, shipped from the US, without the crazy costs that other retailers charge me.

I’m looking forward to ordering more shirts from there in the future. It is a shame that in order to purchase some of the ones that have been released before, I would be looking at the $40 that I mentioned before as there are some amazing ones that I’ve missed out on. sigh

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