Migrating E-mail from Exchange

So, I’m finally getting around to migrating Winning Charities e-mail from an older version of Exchange to Google Apps, and while I’m looking forward to getting it done and over with, the actual process isn’t very fun. It mostly revolves around babysitting the DNS and then the transfer of e-mails from the Exchange server to Google servers.

At the end of the process, I’m hopeful they’ll have an e-mail solution that can expand or contract with their company needs. It will be another notch in my belt relating to how I’ve changed the company since arriving, but I can’t help wishing for some new challenges.

Here’s hoping the Exchange server doesn’t die while I make the move… We’ve recently run into other problems that has had some pretty scary side effects. Many people are pointing a finger in my direction over the whole thing, but I would like to think I’ve been as pro-active as my job allows.

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