Warhammer with Barry, Jo and Friends

So recently, Barry had a Warhammer 40k tournament at his place, and I was in attendance. I, unfortunately, had to play Space Marines, as it was an Imperium vs Chaos game. I am more comfortable with Tyranids. It was a great event though, with three large tables set up and what must have been almost two hundred miniatures on the table, it was definitely a site to see.

Unfortunately, set-up and turns definitely took way too long for my impatient brain, and not knowing enough of the rules made game play and strategy a bit clumsy for me, but it was definitely an entertaining battle.

Barry even put his Titan on the table, and we got to see what it is like to use one.

I’ve uploaded my pictures to Flickr a while back for everyone to see:
Warhammer in Arnprior

At the end of the day, the Chaos troops definitely won. There were times that it was looking like it might be close, but the lack of objective capturing, and a misplaced Vortex grenade by me, and it became a one-sided battle. And just to make an excuse so you all know it wasn’t totally my fault, it was three expert level players versus one expert level player and me. The deck was definitely not stacked in my teammates favour. Poor Travis…

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