Dan and I

One of the things I realized when my brother came to visit me in Brockville is that he and I have so much in common, more than I ever thought was possible. Dan and I, have never been as close as we probably should be. It always felt like I was heading in one direction and he in another as our personalities were so different, but I was always envious of his physical abilities, the ease at which he seemed to make friends, and the various life experiences he has had. We never really talked much growing up about how we felt, nor what we thought of each other, except when there were heated arguments, and we just “hated” each other.

Now, I come to find out that he and I think about things in very similar ways, and that we both have stuff going on beyond the apparent that is very similar despite the fact that we live very different lives and approach many situations with a different outlook.

It was a shocking set of revelations for me, but also very comforting. I feel like we have a better chance now of being the kind of siblings I’ve always wanted to be than ever before in my life. I always thought we were so different and would always be unable to bridge that gap.

I am definitely looking forward to him and I spending more time together as the opportunities present themselves.

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