Dawn of the Decline: Page Eight

Worf arrived on the bridge, and was welcomed with the devastated glances of his long-time friends. Riker was the first to speak up as he walked towards the turbolift. “As you have been informed, we are in a bit of a bind.”

In his normal stoic tone, Worf responded slowly, “I’ll… say.”

“We need to find a way to beat this thing, and we need to do it now. We’ve cleared the engineering decks of all personnel and we’ve erected level ten force fields along all exits and bulkheads, but we haven’t had much luck with force fields containing this thing.”

Picard remained silent as Data joined the conversation that Worf and Riker were having. “We do not know its weaknesses but any type of communication has only been met with more aggression. Perhaps, between Worf and myself, we could find a way to immobilize it, or even destroy it.”

As always, Worf was ready for combat, but he was also surprised that Data would recommend a direct confrontation with something that had thus far bested the entire crew. Perhaps, the loss of the crew members and continuous slaughter had effected the android.

Worf pulled around the phaser rifle that he had slung around his side, “I think the more we confront it, the better our chances of finding out how to stop it.”

Picard, still in shock was still reeling from the events, and was unable to recompose himself. Riker, as observant as ever, nodded at Worf thus acknowledging the plan. Data swiftly got up from his seat and entered the turbolift with Worf.

“Stay safe…” Riker exclaimed as the doors shut on his close friends.

Moving down through the decks, Worf checked his rifle. Data hadn’t grabbed a sidearm from the security cabinet in the bridge, but he knew that Data wouldn’t go into battle without a weapon.

Breaking the near silence, Data followed a protocol that reminded him his duties as a friend. “Welcome back to the Enterprise Commander. Your presence has been… missed”

Worf turned to look at Data and the Klingon could swear that Data was angry or frustrated, emotions thought to be beyond his programming. “I am just glad that I’m here now.”

“I think this situation calls for, as you would put it, the proper application of force.” A tinge of anger could definitely be seen on Data’s face as he continued, “thus far we have not been able to expose any weaknesses, but nothing is invincible. Every past challenge that Q has sent our way had an opportunity placed within it.”

Words floated through Worf’s mind as data spoke. Strategy, battle, duty, combat and strength. Words that Worf held dear, and as he tried to push out the thoughts of revenge for his fallen friends, Worf had subconsciously set his phaser to its maximum setting.

Data continued to talk, as he always did, “I really think that testing various phaser settings, physical confrontations, and potentially technologies we have on board will expose some way to stop this being.”

The turbolift stopped and the doors slid open. The corridor beyond the doors was a mess. Lights hanging from a single wire, wall panels completely destroyed. From the lift, both Data and Worf could see inside the destroyed quarters of the officers that lived on this lower deck.

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