Used Lenses

As I get ready for my next big lens purchase, I wonder how people can buy used lenses. I suppose it is like anything that is used, but with something made mostly of glass and tiny motors, I worry that any damage might be hard to see. Even worse, there would be no warranty if you bought something used from a private individual. A scary proposition when so much money is involved.

On top of all that, the prices of used lenses are such that you’d only save ten percent of the retail price, plus taxes. This can be hundreds of dollars, but is it really enough to entice people to purchase things in the lens market?

I really don’t understand, and would love someone that has bought used camera equipment to give me some insights on how you feel about the market and your experience in it.

I think, for me, with all these fears, I’d rather the near safety of buying from a trusted retail location.

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