I Never Feel Full

I never feel full, I never feel satiated, I always crave sugar, salt and fat. It is more than a minor annoyance. How do people find the willpower to focus on eating and drinking right for long periods of time? I sometimes thing that I should just concede and start trying to find a way to get on the gastric bypass list, anything to help me lose the weight that I need to lose.

I really don’t know if I can really make my goals each week, and the laughable part is that I’m only trying to lose one pound per week, a goal that seems so easy to achieve. I weigh myself each day, trying not to take the numbers too hard. I’m very hard on myself about everything, and it has one of two effects on me: I succeed fast or fail hard. There is very little in between for me.

I’m still very hopeful that I can make my goal, and take each week, one step at a time as it comes.

3 responses to “I Never Feel Full”

  1. You stop that right now!!! David Peralty you have the willpower, you did not set unrealistic goals and once you lose a bit more (and you will) you will feel soooooo much better and happy that you stuck with it. This is one of those things that is going to succeed over a period time. Be patient and stick to your goal (and maybe stop weighing yourself so often, sounds depressing). If nothing else losing some pounds will make you more energetic, healthy and feel better all of which you need to succeed at your stressful job. So sticking to your plan is a win win situation….May the Force be With You! 🙂

  2. I have been going to a Dietitian on a monthly basis and 3 tricks I’ve learned so far – 1) eat breakfast every day within one hour of waking up 2) incorporate as much fibre into your diet as you can tolerate (started with one tablespoon every morning of ground flax seed in my yogurt), and 3) drink low fat milk (it fills you and gives you calcium and protein).
    If you want I will pass on other info I learn from her.
    Love you!

    • I feel like for the most part, my issue isn’t one of knowledge. I know how to eat right. I know how to exercise with proper form and the right amount. I have the information, but I find it is very easy to be self-sabotaging and say, “instead of eating breakfast, I’ll skip it so I can have pizza at lunch…” Remaining focused, engaged, and not letting that little voice in my head convince me that I deserve to eat bags of chips for supper, is hard.

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