Doctor Who Review

I’ve been watching the new adventures of Doctor Who, and I must say, at first, I was a bit bored and annoyed with the show, but it quickly grew on me, until I made it to season 5. Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, is not nearly charismatic enough to carry the show, especially compared to his two predecessors.

Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant were amazing. Unfortunately, none of their companions ever really grew on me. I was always waiting for Amy Pond, and was excited to see David Tennant partnered with her as that’d be a great match in my opinion. Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. So a charismatic Doctor and a beautiful companion seemed like good television to me.

So now I’m watching Matt Smith, and I’m not impressed. He isn’t as funny or as engaging. If it wasn’t for Karen, I’d just stop watching.

I am glad to have come back to the show. When I was young, I watched Doctor Who and remember enjoying it. I couldn’t tell you today, without going back and watching older episodes, which Doctor that I watched, but I love how campy the modern episodes can sometimes be.

Have you watched Doctor Who and if so, what did you think?

4 responses to “Doctor Who Review”

  1. David Tennant is my favourite Doctor so far… and though I don’t feel quite as strongly as you seem to, I’d agree that Matt Smith just doesn’t quite do the trick.

    Now and then it almost seems like he might get there, but so far I’m not that impressed with him in the role.

    As for Karen Gillan, well, my love of red heads is no secret, and thankfully she brings more than just being insanely hot to the table, and actually makes a great companion character I think.

    Now a 10th doc and Jack Harkness pair-up…that would have been a hilariously genius match. But no such luck…

    • I agree with you there. 9th or 10th Doctor + Captain Jack would be great television. Before watching the new Doctor Who, I had watched a few episodes of Torchwood, so I actually “knew” that show better than this one.

      It was nice to have some understanding of how the two universes were connected.

      And I agree that the 11th sometimes gets close to being a Doctor we can enjoy.

  2. Interesting how everyone seems to hold out for the past. I am a fan of Chris Eccleston and David Tennant both. I had growing pains getting used to the new Doctor when Tennant came on board but was quickly satisfied and just sat back and appreciated the show.

    Matt Smith has become the Doctor for me without a doubt. I enjoy his flighty ramblings and think he adds his own tone to the Doctor’s mythos. I understand not everyone will like everything but as for me… I am totally diggin’ Matt Smith in the role and the latest episode, “The Doctor’s Wife” just spotlights the strengths that the entire cast including Moffat and the creative team are bringing to this incarnation. Kudos to everyone involved.

    If you don’t like Matt Smith all I can say is go back and watch old seasons because for the foreseeable future we are definitely getting a good dose of Mr. Smith.

    • I appreciate that people will have a different opinion than me, and I am not holding out for the past, as I watched five seasons over the course of a week or two, so I feel like my choice of doctors isn’t some “better than it actually is” memory. I just don’t enjoy the latest Doctor. Nothing against the actor, but he’s not as charismatic, funny, or interesting to me. He does add his own tone, and as for me continuing to watch Doctor Who, I’m done. I’m not going to go back, I’m not going to become one of their legion of fans. It was a good show, and I’ve seen enough.

      Thanks for your comment though, it reminds me that everyone has their favourites, and they don’t have to be the same as mine.

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