The Bloc Québécois Should Be Disolved

I believe, hopefully like many Canadians, that the Bloc Québécois is a party that shouldn’t exist, and that it only continues to push forward a skewed government that doesn’t focus on the needs of all the people in this country. I think the Bloc Québécois should be disolved and its members compete for spots in the other major parties. I don’t think any single party should be able to hold seats in the Canadian government if it doesn’t believe in keeping Canada whole.

Barring that, they should be forbidden by law to be the official opposition, and not be allowed to be part of any coalition government, thus negating a great deal of their bargaining power until they drop separation, and other anti-Canadian goals from their party platform.

The Bloc Québécois is entirely focused on the needs and wants of Quebec and its citizens. Where else in the world is there a party such as this? Could you imagine if each province put forth a party dedicated solely to its own needs? Canada would be a group of independent countries rather than provinces and territories, and that’s not the Canada I was born into.

The Bloc Québécois was created from defectors of the Progressive Conservative Party and Liberal Party and that’s where it’s membership should go back to. If you want to serve Quebec, do it like every other province supports and fights for the people in their riding, and stop the stupid separation crap.

I listened to the debate, and I couldn’t believe the things I was hearing from Gilles Duceppe. He was saying things, and I’m paraphrasing, like “multiculturalism and multilingualism doesn’t work for Quebec”. It constantly was making my blood boil.

Bloc party members, you’ve had twenty years to separate yourselves from Canada, and that, in my opinion, is a long enough experiment. Stop attempting to destroy Canada and stop trying to influence greater Canadian politics if you want nothing to do with Canada.

2 responses to “The Bloc Québécois Should Be Disolved”

  1. You got your wish. But alas my genie powers only severly reduced their seats, and left them a sad ghost party. And not the cool kind with Bill Murray.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty happy about the change. I wish they final members would join the parties that most align with their views and finish getting rid of it. Also, if you are a genie, can I get two more wishes? I’d really like to be healthy easily and be happier.

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