Entry Fee for the USA

So, Obama wants to charge each Canadian arriving into the US $5.50 when they cross the border in any other way than driving, and people are outraged. I don’t really understand the anger. This fee will not stop weekend shoppers from driving across the border because it doesn’t apply to them. Adding an extra $22 to a plane fare or cruise doesn’t seem too ridiculous. The only thing I’d change is to apply the same fee in Canada to anyone arriving from the USA.

The thing that does worry me about the tariff is that it will be used to continue to pay for the ridiculous security placed on people using airlines that go in and out of the USA. If the money was used to improve transportation, or some other productive use, then I’d be much happier with the collection of the fees.

At the end of the day, both governments will be able to earn a few extra million, holidays between the two countries will go down but the market will adjust, and so this really isn’t news worth worrying about in my opinion.

Want to read more on the subject? Check out Obama proposes fee for Canadian visitors to the U.S.

One response to “Entry Fee for the USA”

  1. My issue would be: “using the revenue from the charges to support air passenger inspections”

    Why are only people outside the country funding this endeavor? The US citizens go through air passenger inspections too. I don’t really think it’s a fair fee to pay. It’s their deficit, not ours.

    I think the big picture would make people angry, and they have every right to be. We’re already injecting money into their economy (and our dollar is worth more) by shopping there and vacationing, an extra fee for something that they implemented and use seems a little odd.

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