Miss the County of Bruce

I remember thinking numerous times while I worked for the County that I would never miss the place, and I was right. I don’t miss Walkerton and I don’t miss some of the work I was doing, but I definitely miss all the people I work with. Every day, for the last hour to two hours, I sit alone, in an empty section of the building, working away, waiting for my time to be up. There’s no socialization, no foosball or other activity. I’m the only geek in a team of business people. I even think about breaks with the HR women, and there’s not even a single HR person here. Mandy, who is close to my age and works in the office next door to mine, is the only person I get to socialize with during work hours, and that’s only because I’ll go sit in her office until she talks to me.

I never thought I was the type of person that would require socialization. For the most part, I think of myself as a bit of a hermit, but I was spoiled at the County with so many great people that either shared my interests, or let me join in on activities. While working for the government might be slow and sometimes frustrating, I’ve never felt like part of a community or family more in my whole life.

For my career though, this was definitely the best move. I’ll be managing a small team by this summer from the looks of it and I’m already managing a small team of part-time freelancers right now. Now if only I could get them to change my title to VP of Online Marketing and Development to better match all the stuff I’m doing.

I hope everyone at the County is doing well and that my replacement is doing great.

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