So, I went to Arnprior to visit Barry this weekend. I actually ended up doing a lot of driving, and anyone that knows me, knows I hate driving. I went to Arnprior on Friday, then Ottawa on Saturday, and back to Arnprior before returning to Brockville.

It was nice to see Barry again. It is like welcoming home a brother. We talked about everything, endlessly, ate some good food, watched some movies, and even got in a game of Battlefleet Gothic, which I lost in a horrible way. Space tactics are just not something I have any real expertise or skill in.

It was really nice to see Barry again. I also got to visit with Tali, their daughter, and to a lesser extend Jo. I hope to see them all more often. Barry spent a bit of time playing Rift, which almost convinced me to buy the pre-order and join up. I just don’t know if I could play a fantasy MMO and really enjoy it.

I’m glad he won’t be off on tour again any time soon as this is the first time since College that we’ve lived within two hours of each other, though I definitely wish they lived closer to Ottawa. Brockville to Arnprior is a boring, nearly two hour drive. Maybe when they get their household fixes done, I’ll try to twist their arms more to move closer to the city and hopefully in the next year or two, I’ll be able to move to Ottawa as well.

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