Netflix Canada

So after almost two months of using it, I’m almost done with Netflix. The big issue with the service is the lack of available titles, and the slow additions of new content. I’ve come to the point where I’ve now seen pretty much everything it thinks would be three stars or higher, either before joining Netflix or during the last two months, and while I don’t think I have very picky tastes when it comes to movies, I’m frustrated that I’ve run out of quality content to view.

The good news is the service is cheap, I had my free month and I’m currently on my first paid month, the quality of the videos is good, and after rating hundreds of movies, Netflix is pretty much on the money with how much I’ll like any given movie or TV show.

If Netflix survives and gets a lot more content, I’ll probably be back, but at the end of this month, I’ll be cancelling my subscription. I suggest everyone check it out for a month or two, but if you are a regular movie watcher, I doubt you’ll find more than three or four months of content on there that you either haven’t already seen, or that you want to see.

2 responses to “Netflix Canada”

  1. Well, I’m surprised. My wife and I *love* Netflix. My queue of items to watch is currently at 168 items – way more content that I have time to watch, and my wife has been working her way through all the bollywood and chick-flick movies.

    I’m especially pleased that they are starting to include more CBC & BBC content, as well as plenty of foreign movies and shows.

  2. Yeah, I’m almost finished with it too. After my free month, I might keep it for another month, and then I’m out. My reasons echo yours. Lack of current movies and TV shows. If they can get more of the popular cable series that aren’t more than a season old, then I would reconsider. Till then… see ‘ya.

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