Visiting Brad

Yesterday, I went into Ottawa and got to see Brad, a friend of mine from both High School and College. I hadn’t seen him since graduating College eight years ago. Of course I’ve talked to him here and there online, but since moving away from the area, we haven’t seen each other or hung out, so it was really nice to be able to walk in and basically pick up where we left off, making fun of each other, discussing various topics, and discussing our futures.

I also finally got to meet his wife. She cooked up a great lunch for us all, and then soon after, I left but not before trying to get him to buy MineCraft and join my cousin and I in playing on the multiplayer server that was set up.

The visit was almost five hours in length, long enough to get caught up, but not so long that it got awkward. It was really great to see him again, and it had definitely been too long.

One response to “Visiting Brad”

  1. Was great seeing ya. Anytime you’re in town, feel free to stop in. I’d make the trek over to visit you, but it sounds like standing room only over there, and I’m lazy 😛

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