Less Productive Day

Yesterday, I found it easier to pack. Mostly because I was tackling the bigger things, and throwing them away or in boxes, but today, I just can’t get as motivated. Thankfully though, I just need to sort through two or three boxes, pack my clothing, and get ready to pack up my computer gear. When all of my stuff is in one room, it starts to look like I have a lot, but I am still fairly positive all my stuff will fit in the two vehicles.

Today, I went to see my web development client and worked on teaching them WordPress. I also got some changes approved and I am close to finishing the site. Hopefully, by tomorrow evening, it will all be done. I also went to visit Jay today. I caught him just in time, as he was leaving to go to a funeral for a family member. It wasn’t really the kind of goodbye I was hoping for, but I am glad I got to say “bye” officially before I left.

I just need to say goodbye one more time to Andrea, my surrogate mother while I was here, and then I’ll be set for leaving on Tuesday. My cousin has told me that so far everything is still good for Tuesday. I feel like I have a million things to do before he gets here. I still need to cancel my Internet and see about returning the modem, and give back my keys to the apartment.

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