Added Stress to Reduce Stress

So, I was doing some calculating and realized that I was going to be short more money than I was hoping, so I took on a relatively quick freelance job to work on a local website. It will mean a few extra dollars in my pocket, making the move more affordable, but it has taken up some time that otherwise would have went to packing, cleaning and organizing.

I am almost ready to do a crazy Red Bull run and drink down a six pack of those hyper caffeinated beverages in order to get through all the things I need to do in the next forty-eight hours.

I can sleep once I’m done the site, get paid and am moved… right?

4 responses to “Added Stress to Reduce Stress”

  1. 48 hours? Sure. But I’d mix it up a bit between types of energy drinks (if you stick to the same kind, the crash is worse, and your body gets too used to them too quickly), eat a bunch of granola bars, and drink a lot of water between energy drinks. Your blatter will hate you, but the rest of your body will be thankful for the hydration and carbs once the energy crash hits……uh….not that’d I’d suggest a 48 hour caffeine bender….but…yeah.

  2. Please remember to take care of yourself – none of this will matter if you’re in the hospital!

    Love you!

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