Lightening My Load

So today, I am trying to offload, garbage, get rid of, or otherwise lighten my moving load. I’ve been giving things away like they are going out of style. Not only do I feel good that I’m helping people in need, but everything I get rid of also makes me feel better about my future.

Over the last year, I realized that the only things I use constantly in my apartment are my computer, computer chair, and bed. I didn’t have any lamps, tables (other than my computer table) or other odds and ends that people fill their houses and apartments with, and I still felt like I couldn’t keep up with keeping everything clean.

Things that were getting dirty, and adding up, were my odds and ends. Things like cases of old burned CD’s of TV shows, magazines, books, old clothing that I couldn’t fit into, and a variety of other things that were either never brought out of their boxes, or once they were, I didn’t really have a place to put them back.

Removing clutter is tiring, but also very relaxing. Reducing my stuff to make sure it will fit well into my small car, plus my aunt’s SUV is more fun than packing up the remainder. Hopefully, at the end of today, the only things that will not be packed up are some clothing, and my computer.

One response to “Lightening My Load”

  1. I know what you mean, I am looking forward to when we eventually move so we can actually go through and get ride of stuff that we haven’t used the entire time we’ve lived in the house.
    I still have a bunch of VHS tapes kicking around. I’m pretty sure most of the movies I have on DVD at least by now, and if I don’t well, I haven’t watched them in years anyway.

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