Last Day at the Bruce

So today is the last day I’ll be working for the County of Bruce as a Web Specialist. Soon, I’ll be finishing moving out of my place, and starting my new life in Brockville. Everyone is coming to talk to me, wish me well, and give me a good send off. I’ve only been here for fourteen months, but everyone treats me like I’ve always been here.

The more people take time out of their day to say goodbye to me, the more I wish I wasn’t leaving. The people here at the county are all absolutely amazing. If this job was closer to a bigger metropolitan area, and the 401, or closer to family and friends, I probably never would have left.

It will never be the same again. I only can hope that the people at my new job are just as friendly and inviting. Sometimes, it is hard to understand why I’m leaving… Am I just too focused on career advancement and keeping myself challenged?

2 responses to “Last Day at the Bruce”

  1. I really believe at your age there is nothing wrong with being focused on career advancement and challenge – you are too young to get “stuck” somewhere because you are comfortable.
    I too hope that your new job will be surrounded by “friendly and inviting” people. And, I’m so glad that you’ll be closer so we can see each other more often.
    Have a great day!
    Love ya!

  2. There is nothing wrong with keeping your self challenged. It’s the people who don’t challenge themselves that I worry about.
    Plus at least you are going into this job with an inside source. Danielle should be able to tell you who to avoid and who can help you out. Although she will be very very pregnant by then, so you may want to avoid her too. lol

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