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So recently, I posted on Problogger about my intentions to start blogging in a way to hopefully build a small business for myself, and it wasn’t really met with the greatest of responses… Basically they told me that I wasn’t confident enough in myself, and that I shouldn’t be asking for support from the community.

Not letting that stop me, I’ll continue moving forward as I planned. I’ve been a little delayed in getting things moving due to life getting in the way, but last night I came to the realization that life will always be in the way if I let it. So as soon as I’m done a site for a friend, I’ll be back into blogging in a big way. I think spending around two to four hours per day on blogging should be enough to start me down the right path.

I’ll be bringing back to life and to start, but I have plans for a variety of other sites (as always).

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