New Job Stress Before Old Job Ends

So today at lunch I talked to my new boss about marketing and advertising online. While exciting, it was feels a little like an extra stress. I’m trying to finish out my current job at one hundred percent, while organizing a search for a new apartment, offloading anything I don’t think I can move, and trying desperately to find the money I need to make the move happen.

So much to do, and so little time. I really hope to hear back from a few places over the next few days. It definitely looks like I’ll have to head down to Brockville from the 23rd, through the 27th before coming back to Walkerton to move the rest of my stuff. I really, really, really… hate moving. I just can’t wait to be set up, and I hope I perform well at my new job, despite being thrown in the deep end before any training, transfer of knowledge, orientation, etc…

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