Lunch Out With the County of Bruce

So today, everyone took me out to lunch. Both the HR and IT departments came in full force, and Daryll from maintenance, who has been a great person to work with, even found time to come as well. All in all, there were around fifteen of us sitting at two tables enjoying a meal together.

Half way through, they gave me a card and a gift. The card had well wishes from everyone and the gift was a R/C helicopter, and a dollar store calculator watch. Brad knew how much I loved the original R/C copter that he’d gotten me, and the calculator watch is so funny because it is so backwards. Even better, Joanne, one of the women in HR wrapped both of them in Spider-man wrapping paper with a red bow and a blue bow on top.

The whole thing was great. I have a very brief speech thanking everyone, and tried to let them know that the hardest part of leaving was leaving the people behind. To save myself from tearing up, I threw in a quick joke saying that as soon as I had budget, I’d hire my favourite people.

I don’t think I’ve ever missed a group of people so much since high school. Such a strange feeling but what a wonderful lunch.

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