Packing Sucks

I move a lot, too much, but one thing that never changes is how much I hate packing. Getting my stuff together and putting it in boxes is an activity that ranks pretty high on my list of things I’d rather do later. Unfortunately, I’m running out of later and so I am trying to force myself to do as much as I can today. Next weekend, I’m hoping to take a load of my stuff up to Kingston and look for a place to live if I don’t have one secured by then.

If I do find a place to live, then I hopefully will only have enough stuff in my apartment that a truck or SUV and my car can move it all in one trip. I really am not too attached to “stuff” other than my computer and my computer chair.

I’m currently trying to sort through my stuff and give away or sell what I can in hopes of lightening my load. When I get to my new place, I might only be renting a bedroom, and so the more stuff I have, the more awkward it will be.

Did I mention, packing sucks?

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