Connected Feeling

I need to find people that I can be friends with that are interested in writing/blogging often. I don’t feel very connected to many of the people in my life because I don’t communicate the same way that they do, and it has become a serious issue for me. You’d think finding blogging geeks I could direct my writing to and be able to read about their lives would be easy… but up to this point, I haven’t had much success.

Most of the people I know that do blog aren’t really interested or consistent about writing about their own lives. I’m not one to talk on the phone, and so that leaves very little opportunity for me to feel like I’m connected to another person out there in the world.

Despite having great people in my life, I find it hard to feel like I have friends because it has been hard to remain connected with them about their lives.

One response to “Connected Feeling”

  1. Maybe when you move to Brockville you can see if there is a photography club that you can join (or maybe you could start one) and that would give you interaction with people with a similar interest.
    Just a thought 🙂

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