Thanksgiving and More

So, I wasn’t going to drive anywhere far for Thanksgiving, and was thinking of just hanging out on my own, but recently, a co-worker of mine invited me to their family’s celebration. It is nice to know I won’t be alone for Thanksgiving. I definitely have to find time this weekend to call potential apartments, pack some stuff up, and generally start my moving preparations.

There are so many people to contact, and now that Thanksgiving is around the corner, it really doesn’t feel like I have much time.

I really need to learn how to better deal with stress. I’ve been trying to daydream, breath deeply and take some time to work out in the evenings, but it can definitely be difficult to stay consistent about these anti-stress efforts.

Most people have been really great about the news of me leaving, though I haven’t told everyone yet. There are certain departments that I know will be frustrated with me leaving for their own selfish reasons, and some people that will be happy for me but worried about what it will mean for the County.

At the end of the day, I’m still excited and nervous. I sometimes still have conflicting emotions about leaving. I wish I could bring everyone with me and give them all jobs so that we could keep hanging out, playing foosball and working together on projects.

Sometimes, it is nice talking about web development with Brad, and helping him where I can with his coding. Other times, I get to talk about technology with some of the techs, and that can be really enjoyable. The knowledge and perspective and creative outlets that people give me is going to be sorely missed. I can only hope that my new office is filled with people just as great as the people I’m leaving behind here.

One response to “Thanksgiving and More”

  1. Hope all went well with your Thanksgiving. We missed you at Wal & Cathie’s – hopefully we can all be together for Christmas.
    Love you lots!

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